What is the Size of a Golf Tee

Golf tees come in a lot of different colors and sizes. Back in the day when golf was young and people weren’t that hard core about the sport, there was only one size of tees out there. However, as people learned more about the game and got influenced by physics, then the other sizes starting popping up. It’s interesting how science either simplifies or complicates things even in such wholesome sports such as golf.


Contrary to public opinion, the standard golf tee did not come into being as the game of golf did. In fact, this piece of novelty item was created much later. Everybody knows that golf started around the 16th century in Scotland. On the other hand, the golf tee came into being about a couple of centuries later in 1889. In the early years of golf, the players would just put their ball on a mound made of nothing more than sand.

Types of Golf Tees

With the varying demands on the game today, we now see that the size of a golf tee will be different for the many different golf clubs that players use. There are also different types of tees even for a standard one. Some are made of wood while others are made out of plastic. They also come in a variety of colors. There are bush tees, zero friction tees, step down tees, and perfect tees among the many variants.

Size of a Golf Tee

You basically use a different sized golf tee for different types of golf clubs. For starters, if you have a driver that is under 360cc then you would have to use 2 3/4″ golf tees. In case you have hybrid clubs, irons, and low profile woods then use 2 1/8″ tees.

On the other hand, if you have a driver that is really over 360cc then use 3 1/4″ tees. Now, if you’re looking for golf tees that will give you the highest impact angle then you better grab a four-inch golf tee.

Ideal Height

The ideal size of a golf tee will definitely depend on the height of the driver you’re going to use. To make sure you have the right one, hold your driver standing on the ground and check if the center of the ball is situated right at the very top of the club face. In this position you get the maximum distance for your swings.

Actual Practice

In actual practice, the size of a golf tee you use will depend on your preference. Some folks stick to a single size golf tee while others bring at least two types. Others simply adjust the height of the tee by pushing it further into the ground but that also implies certain risks.

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