How Heavy are Weighted Exercise Gloves?

The weight of weighted exercise gloves vary, but rarely do they go over 5 lbs. The standard weight used is 2 lbs. They do not need to be heavy; they are simply intended to make everyday workout tasks more challenging. They can also enhance your body movement.

The Right Weight

Try different types to see which pair suits you best. Again, keep in mind that your goal is not weightlifting with them. Rather, these are to be used as supplements to your everyday training. For toning purposes, the gloves do not have to be as heavy as dumbbells.

The Right Size

These gloves are available In different sizes. just like the weights, you should try as many as possible to find where you are comfortable with. If the gloves are too big, they will slide around. If the gloves are too small, you will feel very uncomfortable when exercising. Either one will hinder muscle development.

Warming Up

No matter what the weight of weighted exercise gloves are, warming up is necessary. Do 15 minutes of light workouts. You have to work out the whole body. Knee bends, skipping rope and stretches will make your body more flexible. If you do not warm up and jump head-on into serious training, you risk injury.

Other Facts about Weight Gloves

Properly used, the gloves will reduce muscle fatigue and hand strain. The gloves make it easier to do additional set repetitions. At the same time they keep the fingers, arms and hands safe. While they are commonly used during exercise, they can be used in other ways. The gloves are usually made of nylon.

The gloves have other benefits. They can prevent wrist and hand injuries. Muscle definition is increased too. They work best when used in cross training.

Other Information

There is no conclusive evidence these gloves help in reducing weight. Several brands are available, but choose carefully. Some poorly made models tear up after extensive use. To get the maximum benefit, you should understand what it is best suited for.

If you are into boxing, kickboxing or martial arts, it will definitely help. Spend a few weeks training with the gloves on. After you remove them, you will notice an increase in hand speed.

When choosing the weight of weighted exercise gloves, take due note of your strength. If the gloves are too heavy, you may end up injuring yourself. If you are recovering from a fracture, avoid using heavy weights.

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