Air Compressor Dimensions

From inflating tires to mattresses, an air compressor can be a practical tool to have around. Although the purpose of these devices is similar, the specs and sizes are not the same.

Air Compressor Dimensions: Black & Decker ASI300

The Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator measures 12.1 x 8.1 x 6.7 inches and weighs 6 lbs. The unit can inflate balls, tires and lawnmowers. It has an EZ dial feature for quick shut off when the right pressure is attained. Also included are the tire nozzle, extension nozzle and a needle inflator.

The pressure gauge is illuminated. There’s no need to take off the hose to do readings because the gauge monitors the pressure. The ASI300 can work using any outlet in the house. It also works with a vehicle’s lighter socket. The maximum inflation is 160 PSI.

Air Compressor Dimensions: Porter-Cable C2002-WK

The C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor weighs 34 lbs and comes with a 25 ft nylon hose. There is a High-Flo air regulator built in to shield against pressure drops. The C2002-WK uses a soft start motor and is compatible with most home circuits. It has a 6 gallon tank and operates at 3.5 SCFM.

The motor incorporates replaceable brushes. The PSI maxes out at 150. The unit comes with a blow gun, tire gauge, plugs and Teflon tape. There is also a tire chuck and quick coupler. The air compressor also has a handle designed to keep it locked in when you work.

Air Compressor Dimensions: Campbell Hausfeld FP2048

The Campbell Hausfeld FP2048 measures 17.25 x 15.50 x 10.25 inches. It has a 2 gallon tank and weighs 21 lbs. The PSI level is good for up to 100. The unit is intended for brad nailing, stapling, inflation and other jobs. The pump is oil free and has a retractable handle.

The handle is intended to make the unit more portable. The gauges are set on the body to make it easier to monitor. The motor has an auto shut down feature. The air compressor kit includes a needle adapter, the inflation needle and a couple of inflation nozzles. It requires a 120 volt power.

Air Compressor Dimensions: Campbell Hausfeld FP2028

The 1 gallon Hausfeld FP2028 dimensions are 11.8 x 12.7 x 11.8 inches (W x H x D). The weight is 12.7 lbs. The air compressor is equipped with a 25 ft recoil hose, inflation needle adapter, air chuck and inflation nozzles.

It also has a male plug, female coupler and has a maximum PSI of 100. The Hausfeld FP2028 can be used for inflating tires, basketballs and soccer balls.

Other Information

The type of air compressor you choose depends on what you need. The heavy duty units are for those who use big air consumption tools. It’s also worth pointing out that some of these machines can be quite loud.

The air compressor dimensions are of course also crucial. The weight of the units varies, and this fact may affect its specs and features too.

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