Rotary Tiller Sizes

There are various rotary tiller sizes and these specifications will vary. In terms of width, among the most frequently used sizes are 5 and 6 ft.


In its most basic form, it is a cultivating implement utilized to ready soil for planting. It is one of the most widely used tools among landscaping firms and gardeners. It is one of the best tools for tilling lawns and gardens.

How to Use the Rotary Tiller

Required Tools and Materials

  • Hoe
  • Rake
  • Rototiller

Step 1

Remove any stones, sticks and debris in the garden.

Step 2

Get the tiller and roll it at a corner of the plot. Make sure the device is oriented to the garden. Move the metal rod close to the tiller’s front. Make adjustments to the depth about six or eight inches. The setting may be different in your case.

Step 3

Start up the rotary tiller. The process may vary per model, but they are usually the same as those on a chainsaw. Regardless of the rotary tiller sizes, the process should be simple enough.

Step 4

Push the rotary tiller along a straight line at the garden edge plot. Move at a slow pace, and make adjustments to the speed of the motor if needed.

The soil will tear up as the deice goes past it. At the row’s end, make a turn and till the line adjacent to the one you just tilled. Keep repeating the process until the plot has been tilled.

Step 5

Use a rake to level off the garden plot. You can also hoe the rows now.

Benefits of Using a Tiller

A tiller makes it easier to plant, plus it helps ensure the crops will be healthy. The tiller can also be used for aerating. Using the device also makes weeding easier. There are also gardeners that use tillers to formulate potting mixtures.

Aside from the tillers used in homes, there are also tractor-mounted versions. These are used for tilling larger areas. Sometimes an ATV is used in lieu of a tractor. These types of tillers are best used in open spaces. Lack of space will hamper the device’s movement. Using it open spaces will produce better results.

If the rotary tiller size and type you want is too costly, you can rent it out. If you are renting, it is best to rent for the entire day. Renting it by the hour will only force you to hurry things up.

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