Car Tailgate Lock Dimensions

Car tailgate lock dimensions can be model specific. Also, the actual dimensions of the device can be difficult to assess since they are made up of different parts. 
Where to Buy
You can buy these locks in many online stores. While some locks are tailor made for specific cars, some are “universal” or can fit many models. You should read the product descriptions before you buy. Pay close attention to the components and other accessories included. Don’t forget to check different stores. The costs of thee locks can vary substantially. 
Parts of a Tailgate Latch
Latches may be composed of various components. Most of them however, are composed of eight parts. These are the rotating latch mechanism, the handle a couple of panel latches and two rods. All of these components can be retrieved on the tailgate’s inner panel. 
How the Latch Functions 
When you draw in the rods, the outer latch is retracted. This leads to the release of the tailgate. The rotating assembly comes with a straight bar. The rods are connected to the ends. As the bar turns, it pulls on the rods. 
If the handle has to be replaced, unhook the rods by removing the plastic retainers off. No matter what the car tailgate lock dimensions are, the rods have to be straight. If it isn’t, functions will be affected adversely. 
If you have to remove the outer latches, take off the screws on the tailgate’s sides. Take out the rod on the rotating latch. Pull the rod and latch out. 
Repairing the Tailgate Latch 
If you are installing the outer latch mechanism, install the rod onto the latch. The latch has to be placed into the access hole. Screws have to be installed so everything is held in place. You can make adjustments to the rod. This can be done by pulling the rod so the spring tension is just on the outer portion. 
Put the plastic retainer and rod flat on the rotating latch. Turn the retainer top over. This will secure the rod. In some cases, the outer latch may get rusty or suffer from corrosion. To keep it from happening, apply some lubricants. High quality penetrating oil is also recommended. 
The car tailgate lock dimensions have to be specified before you buy it. Its importance cannot be overestimated. If you are not sure what to get, it is best to ask someone who is knowledgeable about it. 

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