Scythe Dimensions

Scythe dimensions may vary, but the typical one has a blade three feet long. The ones used as props for Halloween and costume parties are usually smaller, measuring about 20 inches. The plastic scythes sold in stores have different designs.

What is a Scythe?

The scythe is a tool used in various agricultural tasks. It is typically used to slice hedges, reeds, grain and grass. The scythe is an old implement and has been in use for several centuries in different countries around the world.

Aside from being used in agriculture, the scythe is used in festivals in various cultures. The tool can also be employed for harvesting and cutting.

One of the reasons why it became popular is it allows farmers to do more work less strenuously. The scythe has been a traditional farming tool but in many countries has been replaced by tractors and other farming equipments.


The scythe comes with a lengthy handle. The handle itself is known as the snaith. Depending on the point of origin, the handle may be bent or curved. It may have two handles that project from the handle. These act as grips for the person holding it.

At the end of the handle is a long, curved, sharpened blade. The use of the tool is called scything or mowing. To use the scythe, one swings the implement back and forth. Depending on the scythe dimensions, the process of swinging the tool may be difficult. Some practice is required.

Long term use of the scythe can be very difficult. This is the reason why old farming communities have several people use it. This made it easier to use during harvest time.

The simple configuration of the scythe makes maintenance and repair easy. The scythe’s design allows it to be used underwater as well, making it a handy tool. As long as the blades are sharpened, the scythe can handle thick growth.


Aside from keeping the blade sharp, the tool must also be oiled regularly. To avoid rust, the tool should be stored in a cool dry place. It’s important the scythe be checked for any cracks. Should they appear the blade must be replaced.

Whatever scythe dimensions you use, ensure that it is not used haphazardly. If it will be used in farming, care must be taken so no accidents happen when using it. Such precautions of course, are not that necessary if it is only a plastic prop for Halloween.

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