What is the Size of an Arrow?

The sizes of arrows vary because there are different kinds of bows used with them. The size ranges from 18 inches to over 5 feet. The dimensions to be employed depend on the bow and what activity it will be used for. The contemporary arrows are around 2 1/2 to 3 feet long (75 cm to 90 cm).


The arrow typically consists of an arrowhead connected to a shaft. The arrowhead is joined to the front part. A nock and fletching are also present. The dimensions of modern arrows are derived from the ones used by the English during the Middle Ages. However, shorter arrows have been utilized. Their advantage is they can fly faster.

The Shaft

The sizes of arrows differ, but the shaft is always the vital part of the object. It is to it that the other parts are connected. Old fashioned shafts are made using lightweight wood. Others are built from reeds or bamboo.

Contemporary shafts are built from carbon fiber fortified plastic, aluminum or composite materials. The composite materials are usually built from aluminum core covered in carbon fiber or similar elements.

The spine refers to the shaft stiffness. This indicates how little it flexes when squeezed. The less the arrow bends, the more spine it possesses. To hit regularly, a cluster of arrows have to be spined properly.

What are Footed Arrows?

These are arrows built from two unique kinds of wood held together. They are considered among the best arrows around. Native Americans and early Europeans used them frequently.

The Native American foot arrow is made from hardwood at the arrowhead and softwood for the rest of the body. This makes the arrow stronger, more flexible and less likely to break. Other types were used by the Europeans.

The Arrowhead

Also known as the projectile point, they determine what the arrow will be used for. Some arrows are just sharpened shaft points. But it is more common for the arrowheads to be physically distinct from the shaft.

The dimensions vary, but many are built from metal, horn or other sturdy objects. The bodkin points are stiff points with a cross section. The bodkin was probably used for improving the range.

The sizes of arrows have to be assessed carefully. The success with which you use the bow in archery will depend on it. Just like with the bow itself, it takes practice to be able to aim and shoot properly.

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