What is the Largest City?

There are two ways to measure the world’s largest city: by area and by population. It should be stated that not all researchers agree on the definition of size. The population and areas may also change anytime.

Biggest Cities by Population

At number one is Karachi, Pakistan with a population of 15,500,000. At number two is Shanghai, China with a population of 14,900,000. The third spot is occupied by Mumbai (Bombay) India with a population of 13,900,000. The fourth slot is occupied by Beijing, China. There are 12,460,000 people living there. At the fifth spot is Delhi, India. The population is 12,100,000.

At the number six slot is Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are 11,655,000 people living there. At seventh place is Manila, Philippines with a population of 11,550,000. The number eight spot is held by Seoul, South Korea. Its population is 11,153,000. The ninth most populated city is Sao Paulo, Brazil. The city population is 11,038,000. Rounding up the top ten is Moscow, Russia with 10,524,000.

City Rankings by Area

If land area is the measurement, the world’s largest city would be Jiuquan, Gansu in China. It has a land area of 167,996 km2 / 64,864 sq mi. Number two would be Altamira, Para in Brazil with a land area of 159,696 km2 / 61,659 sq mi.

At third place is the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia. The land area is 95,575 sq km2 / 36,901.7 sq mi. The fourth spot is held by Chongqing, China. Its site is 82,400 sq km2 / 31,815 sq mi. Corumba, Brazil is the fifth biggest with 65,000 sq km2 / 25,096.6 sq mi. The sixth spot is held by Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada. Its land dimensions are 63,343 sq km2 / 24,456 sq mi.

Leh, India is at the seventh spot. It has a land measuring 45,110 sq km2 / 17,417 sq mi. The City of Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia is at eight 43,010 sq mkm2 / 16,606 sq mi. Porto Velho, Rondonia is at number nine measuring 34,082 sq km2 / 13,159.1 sq mi. The tenth spot is held by La Tuque, Quebec. It measures 29,696 sq km2 / 11,466 sq mi.

Compared to the world’s largest city, the biggest in the US is New York, New York with a population of 8,175,133. The land area is 302.6 sq mi. Los Angeles is the second biggest with 3,792,621. The land area is 468.7 sq mi. The third largest is Chicago, Illinois with a population of 2,695,598 with an area of 227.6 sq mi.

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