Smallest National Landmark

National landmarks serve various purposes. Oftentimes, these are geographical features of significant value to a specific country, state or city; these could be designated as national parks as part of the country’s tourism efforts.

Sometimes too, these are national monuments erected to commemorate a specific historical event or in honor of someone who has greatly contributed to the welfare of country.

These landmarks also serve as navigational guides and local imprints of a specific country, city or state that contribute to their identities. These can be of various sizes and features.

Smallest National Landmark

There are quite a number of national landmarks that may be considered as the smallest of their kind in the world.

United States

Guthrie, Oklahoma

In the United States, an area in Guthrie, Oklahoma that served as a land office during the time of the land run – the time when people could claim unassigned lands in the state – now serves as the smallest national landmark in the country.

The area where the office once stood was blocked off to serve as a reminder of where the land office once stood. An area of 8 x 12 feet was measured around an oak tree where the office once stood and now serves as a national monument.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In the great tow of Philadelphia, there stands that Thaddeus Kosciusko National Memorial; dedicated to the Polish – Lithuanian freedom fighter of the years between the late 1700s and early 1800s.

This smallest national landmark measures only 0.02 acres and can be explored in no more than ten minutes.

It was in the year 1797 when this American Revolutionary War hero stayed at what is now the smallest national landmark when he was petitioning the US Congress for his back pay.

Inside the park are a bed and a few documents scattered thereabouts – depicting what it must have been like when it was inhabited by the wartime hero.

This smallest national park is mostly visited by war veterans and Polish guests visiting the United States.


Halfway across the world, Malaysia likewise has its own smallest national landmark in the form of the Penang National Park. It currently holds the title of “Smallest National Park in the World.”

It has one thousand one hundred and eighty-one hectares of forest and one thousand three hundred and eighty-one hectares of wetlands. Though small in size as compared to other national parks in the world, it nevertheless has a rich biodiversity where a diverse collection of flora and fauna can be found.

It also has a season lake that measures only about 1 sq. km. and can be seen between the months of March and August.

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