AA Hand Luggage Sizes

The maximum AA hand luggage sizes allowed is 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (115 cm). This will include the wheels, pockets and handle. The luggage must comfortably fit in the check-in centers. The luggage has to fit under the seat of the passenger or the closed overhead lockers. An oversized baggage will be confiscated at the boarding gate.

More about Baggage Dimensions

Aside from the small bag, a passenger can bring another small personal item. This is permissible assuming the carry-on doesn’t have to be forced in the sizer. It must also not go over the 45 inch overall dimensions. These dimensions are obtained by adding the height, length and width of the object. Every carry-on item has to be kept in an overhead bin.

About Personal Items

Items that are included in this category include a laptop bag, briefcase and a purse. A tote can also fall under this category provided it does not exceed 36 inches (length + width + height). It must also be fit in the seat fronting you.

Other Items Allowed

There are also items that may be carried beyond the AA hand luggage sizes. Among them are therapeutic oxygen given by the airline. Also included in this list are CPAP machines, walkers, wheelchairs and other devices. Also included in the list are baby diaper bags, an umbrella stroller for a ticketed or lap child. Blankets and pillows are also allowed. Other items on the list are a lap safety seat, a bag of food, and hats. Wraps, coats and outerwear are also included.

Restricted items

Aside from the dimensions, you have to be aware of what items are restricted. Among the items on the list are scissors and tools, self-inflating life jackets, self-heating meals, compressed gasses, mobility devices, lighters, matches, household items, gasoline powered tools, flammable liquids or solids and firearms/ammunition.

Also restricted are explosives, dry ice, defense sprays, cutting instruments, batteries, animal products and alcoholic beverages.
These and similar items are restricted because they can be very dangerous. Pressure and temperature changes may lead to fires, toxic fumes or leaks.

Aside from knowing AA hand luggage sizes, knowing what the restricted items are is mandatory. If you do not declare these items, it will be a violation of US Federal Law. Violators will face a minimum fine of $250,000 and 5 years’ imprisonment. Only limited amounts of liquids, aerosols and gels may be brought in the cabin.

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