Dimensions of a Battleship

From World War I up to World War II, battleships were usedBattleship extensively by military forces. The following are some of the famous battleships used in combat.

Dimensions of Battleship Dreadnought (UK)

Launched in 1906, the Dreadnought had a length of 527 ft (161 m) and a displacement of 18,420 tons. The draught was 26 ft (7.9 m) and the beam 82 ft (25 m). The top speed was 21 knots (or 39 km/h). The complement was between 695–773. As the first ship to successfully use big guns, the Dreadnought changed the way battleships were designed.

Its weapons included 10 × BL 12-inch (304.8 mm) Mk X guns, 27 × 12-pdr 18 cwt L/50 MkI guns, Mk X guns and 5 twin B Mk.VIII turrets. The deck armor was 3 in (75 mm); for the turrets, 11 in (280 mm).

Dimensions of Battleship Scharnhorst (Germany)

One of the well known battleships of World War II, the Scharnhorst had a standard displacement of 31,552 tons. The maximum tonnage was 38,900. It was 235.4 meters (772 ft 4 in) long and had a beam measuring 30 m (98 ft 5 in).

The draft was 9.93 (or 32 ft 7 in). The top speed was 3 knots (61 km/h) and the range was 10,100 mi. The complement of the Scharnhorst was 1,968. They were comprised of 60 officers and 1,909 enlisted personnel.

Its weapons included 9 × 28 cm/54.5 (11") SK C/34 guns, the 12 × 15 cm/55 (5.9") SK C/28, the 14 × 10.5 cm/65 (4.1") SK C/33 and the C/38.

Dimensions of Battleship Missouri (US)

The last battleship constructed by the US, the Missouri was 887.2 ft (270.4 m) long and had a displacement of 45,000 tons. The draft was 28.9 ft (equal to 8.8 m) and the beam was 108.2 ft (or 33.0 m). The top speed was 33 knots (61 km/h) and had a complement of 2,700.

Its arsenal consisted of the 9 × 16 in (410 mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns, the 80 × 40 mm/56 cal anti-aircraft guns and the 20 × 5 in (130 mm)/38 cal Mark 12 guns.

Secondary weapons included 49 × 20 mm/70 cal anti-aircraft cannons. The armor belt was 12.1 in; the bulkhead was 11.3 in and the turret armor was 19.7 in.

Dimensions of Battleship Wisconsin (US)

The battleship was 887.2 ft (270.4 m) long. The beam was 108.2 ft (33.0 m) and the draft 28.9 ft (8.8 m). The maximum speed was 33 knots (61 km/h). The displacement was 45,000 tons. The complement was 1,921.

Its main weapons during World War II were the 9 × 16 in (410 mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns, the 80 × 40 mm/56 cal anti-aircraft guns and the 49 × 20 mm/70 cal anti-aircraft guns.

Prior to being retired the battleship Wisconsin saw action in World War II and the Korean War.

The dimensions of battleships made them powerful weapons. However they were superseded by aircraft carriers and are no longer used in battle.

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