Standard Compact Disc Diameter

The compact disc or CD is an audio and data storage medium that was Standard Compact Discdeveloped originally by Sony and Philips. Thanks to a number of technological advancements, this particular format was expanded to include Enhanced CD, CD-i and PictureCD. It was also the foundation of other reliable digital data storage formats like the Super Video Compact Discs, the rewritable media CD-RW and CD-ROM. It addition to these interesting details, it is also important to know the standard compact disc diameter.

The Diameter of a Standard Compact Disc

A standard compact disc has a diameter of 120 millimeters. This format can actually store uncompressed data of up to 700MB, which is equivalent to 80 minutes of audio. Aside from this size, there is also the Mini CD, the diameter of which ranges from 60 to 80 millimeters. It has a lower storage capacity, which can hold no more than 24 minutes of audio files.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

Although there are many newer digital media storage formats, CD-Rs and CD-ROMs remain amongst the widely used, particularly in the computer industry. The success of the CD format still goes on. In fact, the worldwide sales of CD-Rs, CD-ROMs and audio CDs in 2004 alone reached an astonishing 30 billion. As of 2007, the estimated number of CDs sold has already reached 200 billion.

Instead of serving as a data storage medium, the CD was originally intended to replace the gramophone record. As time went by, the compact disc went more than just an audio storage device. The CD-ROM was first introduced in 1985, after which came the CD-Recordable from Philips and Sony in 1990. The compact format of the CD helped replace the audio cassette players in automobiles. Furthermore, it became a more reliable alternative to tapes for copying music albums and recording music.

Just like other things, compact discs are at risk of damage resulting from different factors such as environmental exposure and daily use. CDs are also prone to scratch damage especially when not handled carefully. Some discs are subject to CD rot and other kinds of damages.

Of the two main sizes of compact discs, the standard-size CD has an audio capacity of 74 to 99 minutes. On the other hand, the mini CD has a lower storage capacity of about 21 to 24 minutes. A regular CD is comprised of different layers including a lacquer layer, a reflective layer and a polycarbonate disc layer. Most discs are screen-printed with artwork on top to make them more appealing and attractive.

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