How Small is The Smallest Webcam?

The smallest webcam in the world is made by Shenzhen Beibei Electronics of China. The device measures 3.9 L x 1.5 W x 2.9 D cm. It weighs 32g. The focus range is 3 cm and the imaging is digital. 
Facts about Web Cameras 
The term is used to refer to any device that produces images or video that can be displayed on the Internet using a server. Basically, it is a camera linked to a computer wirelessly or directly. The device collects the images and displays them. Once a novelty, this camera is now used by many people on the Internet. 
Origin and Development 
Before the smallest webcam in the world was invented, the technology underwent numerous processes and phase. The first “official” version appeared in 1991 in the Computer Science Department at Cambridge University. Since that time, the device has become part of many homes. It is also used in many offices and other buildings. 
These devices are used by people so they can see relatives who live far away, even in other countries. One can also use the device to check what is going on around the house. The same device can be utilized to monitor things when they are working. These cameras can also be used to monitor pets or babies. 
This gadget has several benefits for business. First of all, it can be used for teleconferencing. It can also so be configured so the public can gain access to different kinds of information. 
Scientists and researchers can utilize it to track weather phenomena. It may also be utilized to study the habits of animals. Day care facilities will also benefit from it. 
How the Camera Works
The device captures numerous digital images that are relayed by the computer to a server. It is subsequently set on the host. Some web pages allow people to upload their camera images. This practice is becoming quite popular. 
Features and abilities vary. The more features the camera has, the costlier it will be. For example, some can catch a still image every half minute. Others have video steaming capabilities. Today, the device can be purchased in practically all computer stores. A well informed salesperson can tell you the features of the device. 
The title of smallest webcam in the world is still heavily contested. The emphasis today is on portability and compactness. For this reason, one can expect the size to become smaller and smaller. 

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