Screw Machine Size Guide


With several manufacturers out there, it is not surprising that the screw machine sizes differ. That being said, there are still some features that are common in most of these tools. 

Facts about the Screw Machine 

The automated screw machine is a kind of lathing tool. The tool is used for turning a metal, not wood. The most basic screw machine is used to make small objects like fasteners and screws. In the case of contemporary devices, various products can be made. 

Most of the early machines were dependent on manual work, rendering the name somewhat misleading. However, the newer machines are automated, so the term is more appropriate for these new devices. 


Almost as varied as the screw machine sizes are its functions. Aside from screws, the machine can be used to make hardware, bolts, various machine components and even parts of a watch. Automation of the process is done using computer programs or mechanical motors. The units that use computer programs often rely on robotic systems too. This helps in finishing off the work piece. 


The screw machines of today have different components. For example, some units have a single or multi-spindle design. A metal piece is placed along the spindle’s ends and a support or adjacent plate. 

When the spindle spins, it will quickly turn the steel object. By using different tools on the metal, the machine will be able to slice shape, form or polish the metals on the work piece. 

The features of a multi spindle machine are different. These can be used to make numerous objects simultaneously. Each object will be on a separate spindle. 

In some instances, the multi spindle machine is used to expedite the production of a single product. Every spindle will function as a station. The object goes from station to station to finish the different components and parts. 

For instance, the initial spindle can cut the object while the second will make the head. Another spindle may create grooves along the length and so on. 

Benefits and Advantages 

Because of its flexibility, the screw machine makes it easy to produce hardware and bolts. Production time is shortened as well. Companies can make more items while reducing production costs. 

The screw machine sizes will play an important role in determining how well the hardware is made. Never buy the unit until you have thoroughly studied the specs. 

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