What is the Size of a Caulking Gun?

The size of a caulking gun varies, with some models measuring 11 x 4 x 4 inches and others 12 x 3 x 3 inches. However, the physical dimensions of the gun do not necessarily reflect the capacity or capability of the tool.

Facts about the Caulking Gun

The tool is used for applying caulk. The majority of these caulking guns are composed of shells. These contain the caulk tube. By using the built-in trigger, a user will be able to control the pressure.

The caulking guns come in different types, from the basic to the electric models. Although they are set up differently, learning how to use these tools is easy enough.

As caulking guns grew in popularity the number of caulking tubes available has increased. There are now reusable tubes for taking out epoxy. There are also caulking guns that are in the tube. By pressuring the tube, the caulk can be pushed.


Whatever the size of a caulking gun, its efficiency has been proven. One of the most common ways to use it is to avoid water damage. It is also used for weather proofing. The caulk can also be used in the bathroom, but it must be mildew resistant. The tool can also be used for sealing and filling cracks.

Tips for New Users

Read the instructions before using the caulking gun. Pay close attention to the compound cartridge explanations. This is important because there are variations between products. Remember too that the most suitable adhesives are dry and clean surfaces. Old paint and caulk have to be removed first.

There are several tools that can remove them such as the putty knife. To use the gun, hold and position it at a 45 degree angle. If you want to caulk an even line it’s best to do it without any pause. For superior protection, put the caulk on both crack sides.

Where to Buy

Caulking guns are available in painting supply shops, hardware stores and home improvement stores. Be willing to spend some money on good models. Cheap models have a tendency to jam. If you perform a lot of caulking, consider getting a motor powered caulking gun.

The size of a caulking gun is not as important as the capability of the unit. While the basic design works for casual tasks, the electric versions are more suited for tougher jobs. Many home users also now prefer the electric version.

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