How Large are Weight Lifting Belts?

There are many weight lifting belt sizes available. Some of the most common sizes are M (27 to 33 in), L (33 to 38 in), XL (38 to 44 in) and XL (44 in and up). To find the right size, you have to measure the belly area. Do not measure around the waist; the results will be incorrect.

Basic Facts

These are devices that are placed around your midriff. These are worn when attempting to lift large objects or when exercising. They are usually worn by weight lifters.

However, the apparatus are also worn by warehouse employees and movers who have to relocate large objects from one place to another. The belt actually benefits anyone who is suffering from lower back stress.


No matter which weight lifting belt sizes you pick, it will be able to do two things. Number one, the belt will ease the pressure that is on your muscles.

The belt also relieves the spine from the pressure that comes with carrying large objects. This works because the device clusters the abdominal cavity muscles together. This will lessen potential back strain.

The belt will also reduce the back movement relative to the rib cage. Because the movement is restricted, turns become difficult to do. This is good because it limits the chances of potentially harmful movements to the sides and back.

This also reduces upper chest strain. The majority of people believe the belt protects the back. This is true, but it also shields the upper torso from harm.

Design and Composition

Most of these belts are made from high quality fiber blend shell. They also have padding. Straps, Velcro or belt loops are used to secure it. Newer models may use other materials.


The price ranges from the very cheap to the expensive. The cheaper belts are meant for casual usage. The costlier variants are for those who lift weights extensively. If you are a bodybuilder, buy the best belt you can afford. You cannot afford to settle for anything less.

If you are just starting out, there is no need to buy the top of the line products. You can buy these belts online. They are also available in sporting goods stores. If you want to start a serious bodybuilding program, commence slowly.

It is very important that you select the right weight lifting belt size. It can be an integral part of your workout program, so choose carefully.

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