Size of Hand Massager

There are numerous hand massager sizes. Some products are 19 x 4 x 6 inches. Others are much smaller and measure 5 x 5 x 6 inches. Other devices have dimensions of 12 x 4 x 7 inches.


The term hand massager can mean either of two things. It can refer to a utility that massages and soothes the hands. Or it can refer to a tool utilized for massaging other body parts.

Those devices made for the hands are meant to reduce the pains and aches. Due to extensive work and stress, hands suffer stress. Apart from hand stress, these devices can have several applications. Depending on the design, it may be used along with other utilities for comforting the hands.

Benefits and Advantages

The various hand massager sizes have different features. However, they invariably work to improve blood circulation. They are also designed to warm the hands. Fatigue can also be eliminated. Some massage tools can also be used to remove aches in fingers, joints and other parts of the hand.

Individuals who suffer from arthritis will also benefit from these tools. When used in that manner, the massager is used with hand oils or cream.

A Form of Physical Therapy

These massage tools can be used as a kind of physical therapy. An individual can use the device to recuperate from injuries to the hand. It may also be utilized for improving mobility in the fingers.

These tools are made specifically for relieving stress points on the hands. To improve hand control, the massage tools can be gripped, rolled, squeezed and held.

Some of the massage tools appear somewhat prickly. This is deliberate so pressure is applied to various points at the hand. Some versions have a smooth appearance. This can help in the gripping.

Some have heating and vibration options. Users have the option to modify the vibration and heat intensity. The levels can be adjusted to therapeutic, pleasurable or comfortable stages.

Removing Tension

Some models are designed so when it is held, acupressure points are triggered. This can assist in hand therapy. Depending on how it is held, the device can be used for relieving stress points.

Not only are the hand massager sizes varied, but so have the designs. Some models can now be used as a mouse. In other cases, the mouse itself works to massage the hand. This allows the user to perform their regular routines.

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