Dimensions of a Wi-fi Antenna

Wireless internet connection allows you to stay connected on the internet without having to stay in one place; plus it can provide internet connection to a number of computers all at the same time.
All you need is a good wireless router and you’re good to go. However, the range that your router can cover basically depends on the type of router that you have. 
On the other hand, a wi-fi antenna can help boost your wireless signal enabling you stay connected even at a farther distance from your router.
Dimensions of a Wi-fi Antenna
Dimensions of a wi-fi antenna come in several sizes. Firs of all, there are many different types of wi-fi antennas, of different sizes and ranges made by some of the leading manufacturers today. 
The dimensions of a wi-fi antenna can go anywhere from fifty millimeters up to four hundred and thirty millimeters, depending on the brand; model and manufacturer.
These are about two inches in length up to seventeen inches long. 
Sizes in-between this range are ninety millimeters or around three and one-half inches; ninety-five millimeters or about four inches; and one hundred and sixty millimeters equivalent to 6.2 inches.
There are also dimensions of a wi-fi antenna in one hundred and ninety-five millimeters which is about 7.7 in centimeters; two hundred and sixty millimeters or around 10.24 centimeters; and three hundred and eighty millimeters equivalent to 15 centimeters.
Wi-fi Antenna Buying Tips
When it comes to wi-fi antennas, size matters. Basically, the bigger; the better. This is why it is always important to look at the dimensions of a wi-fi antenna.
However, there are several other important considerations that you need to look into to enable you to get the right wi-fi antenna based on your needs and requirements.
Among these considerations are the distance or the range that your router can cover, the direction of the wireless signal at the location where your router is installed, and the level of interference. 
You also have to consider how much you are willing to pay to get the kind of top-of-the-line wi-fi antenna that won’t put too much of a dent on your budget. 
In addition to all of these factors, consider again the location of your wi-fi router and check for obstructions that could be heavily affecting your signal. These are walls, furniture, large trees and also buildings.
It is essential for you to know all the obstructions that could be affecting your signal because this will enable you to choose an antenna that can penetrate through all these obstructions and boost your signal as well as your connection. 
Once you have taken all these factors into consideration, including dimensions of a wi-fi antenna, you can start checking out several brands and models to help you determine the best wi-fi antenna for you.

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