Jilbab Size Chart

Jilbab is a type of garment that Muslim women wear. These should fit loosely on the women and typically cover their whole body, from the shoulders down to just below the ankles.
These come in many different sizes so both young girls and adult women can find the perfect-fitting jilbab for them. 
Jilbab Size Chart
On the internet, you can find several web shops that offer jilbab of all sizes. Usually, to help you find the right fit; these shops offer their own jilbab size chart. Suppliers and makers may have different sizing guides so you may find that there are slight differences in the measurements provided in the jilbab size chart of one supplier as compared to another’s.
In general however, you will find sizes indicated as Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. Your choice of size is determined by your measurements around the chest or bust area, hips, length of the sleeves and the length of the jilbab from your shoulders down to your heels.
How to Take Your Jilbab Measurements
Usually too, there is an accompanying guide to the jilbab size chart to help you take your measurements so you can compare your values to that of the suppliers’ or manufacturer’ sizes. 
As mentioned above, there are several areas that you need to measure to ensure that you will be getting the right-sized jilbab for you or your little girls. 
Sleeve Length
To measure the length of the sleeves, take your measuring tape and measure from the top of your shoulders down to your wrist. 
Chest or Bust Area
To take measurements of this area, place the measuring tape under your arms and wrap it around your chest area to the fullest tip of the busts. 
Hip Area
To take hip measurements, wrap your measuring tape around the hips; measuring its fullest area. 
Jilbab Length
Finally, to determine the length of the jilbab that will be right for you or your little girls; take your measuring tape and measure from the midpoint of the shoulders down to the heels. 
Make sure that you list down each of the values that you have taken for every measurement so you can compare these with the jilbab size chart of your chosen supplier.
Using Your Measurements 
To help you get the right jilbab size, when your compare the values to those indicated in the jilbab size chart; generally, shoulder measurements should be equal to those indicated in the size chart but having a difference of more or less one inch is acceptable.
For the bust measurement, your values should be at least two to three inches smaller than the values indicated in the size chart. Hip measurements should likewise be smaller than those indicated in the chart – by at least three to five inches.
As for the jilbab length, these should be smaller than your actual height by at least seven to eight inches. 

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