How big is a King Size Bed Frame


Finding the right bed frame is essential because an ill-fitting frame can make your sleep very uncomfortable. This being said, it is important that you first know the exact dimensions of the bed mattress that you will be getting so you can get a corresponding frame.
If it’s a King size bed that you want, you should know that there are actually several types of King-sized beds. It is therefore best to first check out your options for a King bed mattress prior to getting your bed frame.
How Big is a King Size Bed Frame?
Bed frames usually come in measurements similar to the specific dimensions of your bed mattress, with just a few additional inches so the mattress can perfectly sit on top of the frame.
However, if you want an elaborately-designed bed frame, the size can be considerably wider and longer; depending on how elaborate the design is. 
For a standard King size bed in the United States, dimensions are at 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length; or approximately 198 centimeters wide by 203 centimeters long.
For your King size bed frame with a very basic design, typical dimensions would be about 83 and ½ inches long and 82 and ¼ inches wide. 
However, if you want a simple platform where you can place your mattress on, you can get a frame of the same size as your King mattress. 
Bed frames can be made from wood or metal and can also have elaborate headboards and footboards, depending on your preference. 
You should check the middle beam or the center rail that provides extra support for your mattress as well as for those who will be using the bed. Usually, middle beams are made from galvanized steel to make them sturdy and durable. 
Shopping for Bed Frames
Generally speaking, bed and bedding shops have a set of bed mattress and frame that they sell as a packaged deal. However, you can purchase each item separately if you want to mix and match.
If you are unsure about separate bed frames, getting the whole set is recommended. You may even be offered considerable discounts if you purchase the set.
To give you an idea of different bed frames suitable for a King size mattress, you should check several online stores that provide these. You can also compare rates from different shops to help you find a good deal on both your mattress and your bed frame. 

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