What is the Size of a Sheet of Toilet Paper?

Toilet Paper Size

A toilet paper sheet has an original size Sheet of Toilet Paperof 4.5" by 4.5". This size is in relation to the size of the hand of an average man. The square shape of the sheet makes using it very convenient even if you have to fold it for a few times. This original size is accepted because it is really functional for us.

Nevertheless, in these past years, manufacturers of toilet paper sheets have decided to reduce its paper size. The reason for doing so is for manufacturers to reduce their production costs through reducing the size of the sheet.

Most of the toilet paper sheets today have closer to but less than the original size. Popular brands of toilet paper have standard sizes of either 4.5" by 4", 4.4" by 4.3", or 4.5" by 4.05". But there are still other brands that maintain the original size of toilet paper sheets which is 4.5" by 4.5".

The Difference

A one ply toilet paper sheet is simply composed of a single paper layer. A two ply toilet paper sheet is, of course, composed of two paper layers. A few years ago, a two ply toilet paper was definitely thicker and has better performance. But these recent years, due to the advancement of toilet paper production and technological innovations, there are instances that one ply toilet paper is thicker as well as stronger compared to two ply.

When it comes to the cost for using toilet paper sheets, it is generally cheaper to use a one ply toilet paper than two ply toilet paper. The equation of less paper layers equals less cost is always true. Since majority of the people is using similar number of toilet paper sheets no matter it is one ply or two ply, therefore, using one ply is usually lesser in cost.

Number of Sheets in a Roll

Commonly, a roll of one ply toilet paper contains 1,000 sheets while a roll of two ply toilet paper contains 500 sheets. Lately, toilet paper manufacturers has began producing jumbo size of toilet paper rolls and they contain 2,000 sheets. These jumbo size rolls do need dispensers of special large size and they are best for public bathrooms since they will definitely last longer. Using them will also aid in lesser costs for maintenance and replacement.

Number of Rolls in a Case

Manufacturers packaged toilet paper rolls differently. Most commonly, cases of toilet paper rolls contain 96 pieces. They also have packages of half size cases that contain 48 pieces and they are more favorable when it comes to storage. Aside from these two cases, there are still other bulk pack sizes that you can see in the market today.

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