Accordion Dimensions

An accordion is a musical instrument with a small keyboard and metal reeds. The range and quality of the instruments vary, with starter instruments and those for advanced players both available.

Accordion Dimensions: Hohner Concertina

The Hohner Concertina is a 20 key player and measures 14 x 14 x 14 inches. It is a robustly built instrument, so there are no problems like sticking buttons. The buttons are well designed so there is no need to sand them just to make it work.

The instrument is compact enough you can put it in any good sized bag. The handle is screwed on so it does not come loose. The button progressions are clear, so learning how to use it is easy. The sound carries fine and it comes with a padded case. The Hohner Concertina is made for new players.

Accordion Dimensions: Hohner Panther

There are several Hohner Panther accordions. The Hohner HA3100MBGCF is in matte black. It measures 14 x 7.5 x 12 inches. The Hohner Panther is a diatonic accordion with a wood keyboard.

There are three rows filled with 31 treble buttons. There are 2 chorus and 12 bass buttons, 2 chorus and 62 diatonic notes and a couple of treble reeds. There are also a couple of double strap brackets included.

The Hohner Panther GCF measures 17.5 x 11 x 19 inches. There are a dozen bass buttons, 31 buttons and double strap brackets.

Accordion Dimensions: Lark in the Morning

The Lark in the Morning is a mini 17 key piano accordion measuring 10 x 9 x 4 inches. The instrument weighs 3 lbs and comes with 17 keys set in 1 1/3 chromatic range. The accordion has 4 bass buttons. The system is set in C major with G, F, C and basses. This configuration allows you to play several tunes with ease.

The Lark in the Morning accordion has a pearloid finish. It is made for adults and children. Although the accordion is compact, the instrument is solidly built. The buttons are made to be played on a consistent basis.

Accordion Dimensions: Hohner 25/12 Piano Accor Red

The Hohner 25/12 Piano Accor has a couple of treble reed sets (treble has 25 keys). The instrument comes with bass reeds (4 sets, 12 buttons for the bass) and tremolo tuning.

How to Play the Accordion

Place the straps over your shoulders and adjust accordingly. Play the keyboard with the right hand. The black keys are the sharps and flats. The white keys are the notes. The left hand should play the bass.

The most used buttons here are E fundamental, A flat fundamental bass and C fundamental. For the bass, use the ring finger, the middle finger for the chords and index finger for other chords. Expand and compress the instrument to adjust the sounds.

The accordion dimensions and the number of keys will determine the sounds of the instrument. If you want to play the instrument seriously, you need to pick a good quality accordion, and take music lessons as well.

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