Piccolo Dimensions

If you want a piccolo instrument, you may agree that a little knowledge may go aPiccolo long way. As such, when you know something about the piccolo dimensions and the available types of piccolos, you can easily narrow down your options and arrive at the best choice.

The most preferable types of piccolos include the following:

The Eterna 940

This type has about four valves. It is said to be less costly than others. Because of this, many music lovers prefer to buy this type.

Most of these models have a bore of about 0.420 inches, which is a little larger than others but is said to be one of the piccolo features that can greatly aid beginners.

Other piccolo dimensions for this type include 22 inches for its weight, 7 inches for its height, and about 6 inches for its diameter for the inside dimensions.

The Custom 3916

Another worthy type of piccolo in online and offline stores is the Custom 3916. This has a bore of about 0.451 inches or 0.420 inches. Its latest design includes a copper bell around 4 inches and a new mouthpipe to make playing easy.

Most of these models in stores have a bell diameter of about 128 mm and a bore size of about 11 mm.

The Selmer

According to some of the old data on music, this particular type of piccolo was more popular years ago. Although this is so, this is still being manufactured and sold up to now. One of its best features is its ringing sound.

Its dimensions are: About 3.740 for its bell size in inches, around 26 and a half to about 34 for its body length, and standard dimensions of about 21 and one fourth by 11 by six inches.

The Schilke P5-4

The Schilke P5-4 is one of the more expensive types. Although it costs a lot, it continues to be popular with many consumers. What’s interesting about this particular type is that during its emergence in the market in the early 1970s, this instrument has made a revolutionary role in music – particularly, for trumpet playing.

This type is manufactured with larger bores which has about 0.450 inches.

Some models have about 22 inches for its weight, about 7 inches for its height, and six inches for the diameter for the inside dimensions of this particular piccolo type.

The Custom Class CCT 920

Having a large bore of about 0.460 inches, this type of piccolo trumpet can be played easily and beautifully. If you find this model, you may see that it has a third valve ring included in the instrument, which adds to its best features.

Its size is around 104 by 53 by 11.9 mm. Other dimensions have about 48 inches by 60 and a half inches by 27 and a half inches for its height, weight, and diameter.

Are you thinking that learning these piccolo dimensions may be a handful? Then, just stick with what type you may prefer, and check out the options for its size and design in the stores to make choosing a lot easier to handle.

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