How Big is Yahoo Data Centre?

Specializing in computer software and internet services, Yahoo Inc. is a highly successful public company found within the City of Sunnyvale in California. Some of its highly popular offerings include Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Directory. Likewise, it is also involved in video sharing and online mapping through its Yahoo! Video and Yahoo! Maps. Of course, there is also the highly reliable Yahoo! Search. Aside from these interesting details, there are many other important things to learn about it including the sizes of Yahoo data centers.

The Sizes of Yahoo Data Centers

How big is a Yahoo data center? Today, Yahoo has numerous data centers stationed in various parts of the globe. One of its highly popular facilities can be found within the City of Quincy in Washington. It measures 140,000 square feet. Aside from this, the company is eyeing to expand somewhere in the City of Wenatchee, the size of which is close to that of the facility found in Quincy.

In 2010, another major data center is expected to be built in the United States, specifically within the City of Lockport in New York. This facility is quite bigger, the cost of which is expected to reach $150 million. Once it is finished, the structure will measure approximately 190,000 square feet. This completion date for this particular project is September 2010.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Without a doubt, Yahoo is one of the most successful and highly popular internet service providers today. Since October 2007, Yahoo web sites have been receiving 3.4 billion page views on a daily basis. By May 2009, it has become the second best web site with the most visits. During the 1st quarter of 2009, it has 13,500 employees. Its operating income in 2008 was $4.13 million. Besides the different major services that it offers, the company is a reliable source of high quality content such as sports information, entertainment and news.

In terms of internet communication, the major services of Yahoo under this all-important category are Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail. Since May 2007, the email service of the company has been featuring unlimited storage. When it comes to content, it has decided to sign partnerships with various providers like Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! Sports. To provide news and other interesting media content, it also runs Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Answers as well as Yahoo! Movies.

Moreover, Yahoo has also signed special deals with various topnotch broadband providers to bring high quality and free content to its customers. Some of these premier providers are British Telecom, Rogers Communications and Verizon Communications. The mobile services of the company is also very impressive, the basic services of which include mobile blogging, instant messaging and email.

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