How Many Books Can an E-Book Reader Store?

The capacity of an e-book reader varies. Many can hold 3,500 pages. Others like the Sony Daily Reader have a capacity of 12,000 pages. The number of books and pages the device can hold is always increasing. Some readers have millions of books in their bookstore.

Comparisons with Regular Books

The biggest advantage of an electronic reader is the capacity. Instead of carrying several books and magazines, a single, fully charge reader can hold thousands of books. They are more portable. The majority of e-book readers utilize the E-ink display. The images are in various shades of gray, so they do not hurt the eyes.

Aside from the large capacity of an e-book reader, the device makes it easier to buy a book. With ordinary tomes, you have to go to a bookstore and buy it. Or you have to order online and wait for its arrival. With an e-reader, you just go to a place with an Internet connection. You purchase the books then you can download it. The majority of classic books are available as free downloads.

Memory and Weight

The memory on board the reader determines how many books it can hold. The average memory has anywhere from 2 GB to 4 GB of memory. This is enough to carry thousands of books. Many of these books weigh less than a pound. This makes them convenient to carry around.

Other Features

E-book readers have evolved and have a lot of extras. You can “bookmark” favorite spots in your books. Quotations can be saved; there are areas where you can take notes and underscore passages.

Design Considerations

While many use E-Ink, others have color LCD displays. Many use touchscreen technology but others have navigation buttons. How important is screen size to you? A big screen makes the text easier to read, but can make the device bulky.

Content is also crucial. The more files the reader supports, the better it is for you. The battery life and recharging time varies per product. If you use the reader while listening to music, downloading images etc, you need a device with a long battery life. Charging time takes anywhere between 3 to 4 hours.

The capacity of an e-book reader has been on the increase, and so are the features. Some that you many enjoy are text to speech, Internet surfing, email, bundled applications, audio support and multiple grayscale levels. You should research each device before buying it.

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