How Big is Windows Live?

A collective brand for a set of software products and services offered by Microsoft, Windows Live was launched on November 1, 2005. Most of the services provided by the brand can only be accessed using the Internet. The services are categorized into three, namely web services, Windows Live Essentials and mobile services. By having a closer look at these services, we can know how big Windows Live is.

The Size of Windows Live

How big is Windows Live? To know the size of the brand, it is important to know the number of Windows Live services. The total number of services offered by Microsoft that belong to this brand is 56. Some of the most popular services are the Windows Live Messenger, the Windows Live Mail and the Windows Live Movie Maker. Aside from these, computer users can also try the WiFi Hotspot Locator, the SkyDrive and the OneCare Safety Scanner.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

For the convenience of mobile users, the brand offers mobile services, which include the Spaces Mobile, the Live Mesh Mobile and the Hotmail Mobile. In addition to these, mobile users can also try the Calendar Mobile, the Photos Mobile as well as the People Mobile services.

The Live Mesh service is a special service platform that allows computers to connect to the Internet. This service is consisted of the Mesh Operating Environment, the Live Desktop, the Live Mesh Remote Desktop and the Live Framework.

The Mesh Operating Environment is software designed to manage the synchronization of devices connected to each other. The Live Desktop is an online service that synchronizes files that can be accessed through the Internet. The Live Mesh Desktop allows computer users to manage the devices attached or connected to their PCs. The Live Framework is an application based on Representational State Transfer software architecture.

One of the most popular search services offered by Windows Live is Bing. Bing is a search engine that was developed by Microsoft to replace the Windows Live Search engine. Some of the most interesting and useful features of the search engine are the image search, the video thumbnail as well as the business listing. People can also use the search engine to find friends and relatives because it features people listing.

Finally, the brand offers computer science practical applications through the Microsoft Live Labs platform. The applications cover several topics including machine learning, information retrieval, computational linguistics, natural language processing as well as distributed computing.

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