How Big is the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Have you been to Hollywood? Then, you certainly would have heard about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is a significant attraction in California, drawing countless visitors daily. Based from the last report, the attraction numbers about 10 million visitors yearly, something more than any of the Queen Mary, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Sunset Strip, or the Grauman’s Chinese Theater can claim.

How Big is the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

One of the most interesting details about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, after all the names embedded on the stars, of course, is its size. How big is it actually? Well, it covers fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street. So, go figure.

Okay, then, to make it easier for you, the Walk of Fame runs about 1.3 miles or 2.1 kilometers of sidewalk. The monuments of brass stars for hailed personalities in the entertainment business are spaced at 6 feet each.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of over two thousand five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars. They are spread out along the sidewalks, bearing the names of popular personalities from the famed business of entertainment or show business also known as Hollywood. Famous actors, musicians, producers, directors, musical and theatrical groups, and fictional characters all find their place in the sidewalk.

A Walk Back in History

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was conceptualized and constructed in the 1950s. It was believed that former Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s volunteer president E.M. Stuart had the original idea to create a walk of fame. It was intended to preserve and maintain the glory of the Hollywood community. Soon enough, the concept was put into paper and later turned into reality.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame features stars from different categories including movies, music, live entertainment, and television. Some entertainers were given recognitions in multiple categories including Gene Autry, Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, and Gale Storm.

As years pass, the original rules of dedicating a star to a personality was bended a couple of times. One that can attest to that is a start bearing Michael Johnson’s name. Johnson is not connected to any branch of entertainment but rather an internationally acclaimed basketball star.

It must also be noted that all living honorees are required to attend the unveiling of their ‘star’. Some have failed to do so under different circumstances. There is only one honoree who have confirmed to attend but failed to do so and it is Barbra Streisand. Her star was unveiled anyway.

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