How big is a 7 Inch Screen

The 7 inch screen size is equal to 175 mm and 17.5 cm. This display size is used in many electronic applications. 7 inches is the display used in some tablets. This is also used in some car monitors. 
LCD Display Screens
The word screen can refer to different things. But in today’s technology it usually refers to LCD or liquid crystal displays. It is used for flat panel monitors and various types of screens. The LCD monitors are different from the CRT monitor. 
The CRT is much bigger. The CRT can weigh as much as 50 lbs and several inches deep. In contrast, LCDs are only an inch thick. They are also light. Today, LCDs with 7 inch screen size is commonplace. 
The LCD display screens were initially used on notebooks and laptops. Technological advances allowed them to be used on desktops. 
What are LCD Screens Made of?
Various technologies are used to make LCDs. Most of them have five layers. They are the backlight, colored pixel mask, a liquid crystal solution layer and a polarized sheet of glass. 
Through manipulation, the crystals are made to function like shutters. These close and open depending on the stimulus. This permits various degrees of light to go through the pixels. The screen is illuminated. The picture shows up. 
The changing technology means various methods are used to generate color. For example, TFT (thin film transistor) generates images and colors. This is far superior to passive matrix. 
What to Look for in LCD Monitors 
The display dimensions are just one aspect. The brightness is something else that has to be considered. The contrast and ratio are also crucial. The response time and viewing angle must also be taken into account. 
If you are buying a desktop or laptop computer, the monitor size will be measured in inches. The standard is 17 niches. But larger monitors and widescreen are rapidly becoming widespread. 
The contrast ratio refers to the brightest and darkest values of the monitor. The higher the contrast, the more accurate the colors will be. The typical ratio for low-end models is 350:1. Most experts would suggest a 500:1 ratio. 
If several people are going to view the monitor, viewing angles will be crucial. The ideal viewing angle is 120 degrees vertical and 140 degrees horizontal. If you can get wider viewing angles, go for it. 
The 7 inch screen size may also be the dimensions used for future versions of the IPad. As technology improves, the sizes used will probably increase. 

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