CD Cover Size


The CD cover sizes are 12 cm x 12 cm for the front cover and 11.75 cm x 15.1 cm for the back. The following information will show you how to make CD covers manually and with the computer. 

Create CD Covers on a Computer Using Paint Program

Open your paint or drawing program. Change the page layout so the size is the same as the CD front cover. Start drawing or painting. After you are done, save the file. Create a new file and make it as large as a CD back cover. After you are finished, save the file. 

Turn your printer on and put paper in it. Select File, Print. Change the paper size appropriately and change other options if needed. When you are satisfied with the changes, click OK to start printing the two covers. 

How to Create CD Covers in Microsoft Word 

Regardless of the CD cover size you want to use, making these covers is easy in Word. Click “New” on the Microsoft Office button. Keep scrolling until you see "Microsoft Office Online." Choose “Case Inserts” from the "More Categories" options. 

Choose one of the templates you see. Download the file. Click the placeholder text. You can start typing now. Adjust the font as you would in any Word document. 

To put graphics in, select the placeholder and hit the delete key. Go to the “Insert” tab and choose “Picture”. You can also go to “Clip Art” if you want to use those. 

Save the file. Turn on your printer and put paper in it. Print it and cut the cover out. 

Create CD Covers by Hand

Step 1

Take the covers off the CD case. Trace the outline on a piece of paper. Cut the paper along these lines. 

Step 2

Start drawing on the paper. Sketch lightly with a soft pencil so you can erase mistakes easily. Color the paper using the medium of your choice. You can use crayons, colored pencils, paint brushes etc. Use glue if you are sticking images to the paper. 

When you are done, apply clear packing tape over the paper. This will give the covers a shiny look. Be careful when applying the tape; make sure it does not damage the paper. 

If you are making covers by hand, double check the CD cover sizes. Make sure the measurements are correct. When cutting paper, it will help if you use a ruler. This will ensure the sides are even. 

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