Image Projector Dimensions

An image projector is used for enlarging illustrations and other objects. Unlike models in years past, the current batch of projectors are portable.

Image Projector Dimensions: ArtoGraph Tracer Professional

The ArtoGraph Tracer Professional has a copy size of 5" x 5" (13 x 13 cm) and weighs 6 lbs. This projector can expand small 3D objects and other flat drawings from double to 14x the original size. This can be done by utilizing any surface.

The ArtoGraph Tracer Professional has a 100 watt bulb included for lighting. It can make horizontal projections onto any vertical surface. The ArtoGraph Tracer Professional is very quiet when running.

This versatile tool can work in parts with bigger prints and designs. This unit is ideal for the novice artist and craftsman. After the image is projected, you can trace and add the colors. The focus is set by adjusting the lens on the unit.

Image Projector Dimensions: Artograph Designer

The Artograph Designer weighs 8 lbs. The unit can copy black and white or color images via a copy area measuring 6 x 6 inches (approximately 15 cm x 15 cm).

To use, just place the image on the underside of the Artograph Designer lid. The image is generated using a 200 mm glass lens. The enlargement is up to 30x and the reduction to 70 percent.

The Artograph Designer is made for the new and seasoned artist. It can also be used by individuals interested in crafts or a professional illustrator.

Image Projector Dimensions: Artograph Tracer Jr

The Artograph Tracer Jr. can manage art pieces up to 3-1/2" square. The Artograph Tracer Jr can enlarge images up to 10x the original size. The Artograph Tracer Jr employs a low heat lamp to perform its work.

The included lamp is energy efficient and lasts for 8000 hours. The light has 1200 lumens and utilizes only 20 watts. The images can be projected onto easels or walls. The projected image can then be traced.

This projector is ideal for making murals and other artwork. The device needs to be used in a dark room. The device can be used by individuals 12 years old and above.

Image Projector Dimensions: Project – A – Scope

The Project – A – Scope measures 12 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 8 1/4"h and weighs 1 lb. This full color projector can blow up any image or artwork up to 15x the original size.

By using the projector, anyone can make images and blow them up to poster size. The Project – A – Scope can also be used to magnify text from magazines and newspapers. The unit can also be used to scale up maps, flash cards and other objects.

Businessmen can also use this to blow up presentations. The lens is easy to adjust so sharpening images is a breeze.

The image projector dimensions need to be checked out before buying, as well as the magnification capability. You should also check if the unit needs to be used in a dark room; many of them do.

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