How Big is Friendster?

Friendster is one of the biggest social networking sites in the Friendsterworld today. However, there are those who believe that this site is dead and has been overrun by other sites on the Internet. That observation isn’t quite accurate since the site is indeed experiencing growth. Nevertheless, it has lost is US base and has shifted its bulk of registered users to Asia.

A Look at the Ranking

As of November 2009 the number one social networking site is with over 122 million monthly visitors. It is followed by other big names like and Now the big question is where would be in this list? It just missed the top 10 pack and was found trailing behind and is pegged at rank number 12. It registered over two million monthly visitors, which is about half of that of

State of Affairs

It would seem that Friendster has been left behind by other social networking sites. However, there is that factor on who is leading in which region. Basing the data all the way from 2008 it would seem that though Facebook is indeed the number global social networking site, Friendster is still ranked on top in the Asia-Pacific region. It is interesting to note that though the ten biggest global properties are United States based, majority of the audience of these sites are located outside the US.

Having that in mind, the countries that have Internet users spending a lot of time online in that region include South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and Singapore. A huge ‘but’ on that fact is that the Internet users in these countries, however, spend less time than the average time spent by users in the world. We can also see that Friendster is still big in Asia with a plenty of legroom to spare.

How Big is Friendster

People get curious about how big this social networking site really is. Part of the question really is whether the site is failing or is it experiencing growth. From its own site statistics, it has more than 75 million users on a global scale. Its registrants are usually those age 18 and above. However, the site seems to have a target market of young adults than more mature audience. That is the impression you will get based on the site’s layout and features.

Things seem to look bleak as the daily traffic trend of this site slopes down from May to October of 2009. Looking into the numbers the number of unique visitors to the site is improving if you go by a year over year comparison for the month of September 2008 to September 2009. The unique visits go from below to more than 1.5 million. With all these put into consideration there is still a lot of room to grow for this social networking site.

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