Beach Volleyball Net Size

A beach volleyball net size will depend on the game classification. For the men it is 2.43 meters (7 ft 11 5/8”). For women’s volleyball it is 2.24 meters (7’4 1/8″).

Setting up a Net

Nets can be set up easily. First of all you have to determine who is going to play. The figures given earlier can be used as a guide. For casual games, the height may be lowered. Kids’ games definitely require a lower net. Clear the area; there shouldn’t be any for the players’ protection. Once the place is clear, attach the net to posts.

Follow the instructions for putting them into place. Some products allow a beach volleyball net size to be adjusted. This can be handy if children and adults will play the game. Take measurements of the net from the ground up. Check both sides to make sure they are even. Be certain the net projecting over each court side is the same. You must also be certain the net is exactly in the center.

The Beach Volleyball Court

The court measures 16 x 8 m, smaller than the 18 x 9 m indoor volleyball court. You can make it smaller for recreational play. But the dimensions must still be proportional. The end lines and baselines have to be 2 to 3.75 inches / 5 to 8 centimeters wide. A center line is unnecessary. All lines have to contrast against the sand so players can see them clearly.

The sand boundaries are larger, which makes the entire playing area larger than indoor volleyball. The court perimeter is about ten feet. In professional tournaments, the perimeter on all sides is at least 15 feet.

The Sand

It must be fine grain. About 40 cm deep is the norm. Sand must be applied evenly. Needless to say, the playing area must be free from rocks and other debris.

Scoring System

The team that wins two sets is declared winner. A team wins a set by scoring 21 points. They must also win by at least two points. If the score is 20 apiece, the game will continue until one team takes a two point lead. If the teams are tied at a set apiece, a deciding set will be played. The first to reach 15 points will win.

The standard beach volleyball net size is available in sporting goods stores and online. The way they are set up may vary.

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