Beach Volleyball Court Dimensions

Beach volleyball court dimensions measure 16 x 8 m and must be rectangular in shape. By comparison, an indoor volleyball court measures 18 x 9 m. This measurement is used in professional and Olympic games.

The Playing Area in Detail

The playing area is encompassed by a free zone. Dimensions vary but they have to be 3 meters wide minimum. There must be no obstacle up to 7 meters high from the playing area. Uniform sand makes up the playing area.

The sand has to be even and free from shells, rocks and other objects that may harm the competitors. The court will be marked by two end lines and sidelines. The end lines and sidelines have to be within the beach volleyball court dimensions. A centerline is not needed on the court.

The Ball

The ball must weigh 260 to 280 gm, the same as in indoor volleyball. In indoor volleyball, the ball circumference is 66 to 68 cm; in beach volleyball the ball is slightly larger.

The ball used in the game has to be spherical. It can be made of synthetic leather or other flexible materials. Whatever material is used, it must be humidity proof. The ball has to be waterproof as well.

All the balls must have a bladder within. In professional play, the FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) decides what material to use for the ball. Bright colors have to be used such as white, pink, and yellow and so on.

Rules and Gameplay

The game is played by two teams each with two players. A net divides the playing area. The objective is to put the ball above the net. To score, a team must make the ball hit the ground on the opposing end. Players must also prevent their opponents from doing the same thing. Teams can touch the ball three times maximum before putting the ball over the net.

Play begins when the ball is put in play by a service hit. During a service hit, the player strikes the ball and sends it to the other side. The rally will commence until the ball hits the ground. The team that wins the rally gets a point. They will also serve in the next rally. Players alternate after each serve.

The game is also popular among beachgoers. But these games are more casual and don’t follow the beach volleyball court dimensions used in professional tournaments. This game began in Hawaii but has become popular worldwide.

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