Hotel Room Size

Hotels are business establishments that offer short-term lodging mostly to tourists and travelers. Accommodations at these places have different rates depending on the facilities and room amenities offered by a particular hospitality service provider. Some of the most attractive types of hotels are the resort as well as casino hotels. Other types of this establishment include underwater, capsule, treehouse and cave hotels. Hotel rooms have various sizes. The sizes of the rooms are based on the equipment and furnishings included. To improve our understanding on these commercial establishments, this article focuses on the average hotel room sizes.

The Sizes of Hotel Rooms

What are the usual hotel room sizes? The average size of standard guestrooms at budget or economy hospitality service providers is around 300 to 400 feet square. In first class hotels, the usual size of guestrooms is around 650 square feet. For the comfort of those who want to occupy suites, the size of these rooms is between 800 to 950 feet. Economy or budget hotels usually have 20 to 50 rooms while the mid range hospitality service providers have 100 to 300 rooms. First class hotels have 500 to 6,000 guestrooms and suites.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Many hospitality service providers invest in room space because travelers usually consider the room size when choosing a place to stay in. To make sure that guests will have comfortable sleeps in the rooms, hotels maximize the space of suites and guestrooms. Most guestrooms feature basic amenities like a private bathroom, satellite television and a comfortable bed. However, to accommodate people who are in search for spacious and fully furnished rooms, hotels feature suites, which usually have a mini kitchen, a living room, a veranda and a mini bar.

Another reason why hospitality service providers invest in hotel room sizes and amenities because some people decide to live or stay in hotels for a long time. Some of these establishments sell the rooms on leasehold basis.

In addition to this arrangement, some hotels offer the suites and guestrooms to investors and capitalists. Investors who own the guestrooms can stay in the rooms without charge or the hotel give them discounts. Investors also get shares whenever visitors at the hotel stay in their rooms. Investors and owners are allowed to sell the guestrooms at any time. However, it is important that they arrange with the hotel owner since the rooms are situated inside the premises of the establishments.

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