Fishing Pole Sizes

The fishing pole is primarily used to catch fish, which is a veryFishing Pole Sizes important part of everyday life. It can be found in lakes, oceans and other bodies of water. For a better fishing experience, it is always good to have heavy-duty and highly efficient tools. Today, various kinds of poles are available such as ultra-light rods, telescopic rods as well as tenkara rods. For a better understanding of this particular kind of equipment, it is good to learn the different fishing pole sizes.

The Sizes of Fishing Poles

Fishing poles come in varying sizes, ranging from as short as 24 inches, to as long as 20 feet. Carbon fiber rods are widely used in Europe, specifically for coarse fishing. It commonly measures somewhere from 3 feet to 18.5 feet. Because of its superior quality, it is quite expensive with the price ranging from 100 to 5,000 British pounds. The tenkara rod is another kind of fishing pole, the shortest of which is usually 11 feet long while the longest is available at around 13 feet. It is primarily used for tenkara fishing, which is a highly popular method in Japan.

Another major type of fishing pole is the spinning rod. The average length is 5 feet to 8.5 feet. It is commonly made out of fiberglass or graphite. It is used for catching various kinds of North American sport fish like walleye, pike, trout and bass. In Great Britain and other European countries, popular targets include zander, eel, perch and pike.

Casting rods and ultra-spinning rods are quite similar in length, which usually ranges from 4 feet to 5.5 feet. This particular type of fishing pole is used for catching bluegill, trout and crappie. Ice rods are shorter version of spinning rods, the sizes of which range from as short as 24 inches to as long as 36 inches. Another interesting type of fishing pole is the casting rod, the average length of which is 13.12 feet. It is designed to catch different kinds of large fishes in the ocean.

For those who are interested to try surfcasting, it is good to prepare surf rods. The shortest is about 10 feet long while the longest measures 14 feet. Another effective method of catching fish is trolling, which makes use of the trolling rod as primary equipment. Some varieties measure approximately 4.5 feet to as long as 5 feet. Furthermore, there is also the telescopic rod, which is a collapsible type of fishing rod. The average length is close to 20 feet or even 30 feet.

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