How Big is a First Baseman’s Mitt?

First baseman mitt sizes, as are most other baseball gloves, are measured from the index finger top to the glove heel. For youngsters it is about 9 inches. For adult outfield play the mitt is 12.75 inches.


The gloves of the first baseman do not have individual fingers. The dimensions are wide and long so it is easier to scoop infielder balls. From wrist to tip the patterns are 12.5 to 12.75-inches. The size and glove shape is determined by its pattern. In the past, the gloves were basically the same. Today they are specialized.

The Catchers Mitts

Like those of the first basemans, these mitts have no individual fingers. There is a claw-like, hinged shape and additional padding. This is necessary so they can funnel fastballs going over 90 mph. The shape also provides an excellent target for pitchers.

Just as there are different first baseman mitt sizes, the same is true for catchers mitts. The patterns measure 32 to 34 inches. The measurement is at the circumference. Catchers use bigger mitts if they nave to catch knuckleballs. Some mitts have phosphorescent paint so it is more visible to the pitcher.

Infielders Gloves

These are smaller and have 11 to 12 inch patterns. The gloves are shallow so the ball can be removed quickly and thrown. The gloves have open webbings so the infielder doesn’t end up grabbing dirt when they take the ball out.

Pitchers Gloves

These gloves are opaque and closed. The closed element is necessary so the pitcher can hide the way they are gripping the ball. The grip plays a huge role in determining how the ball flies off.

Outfielders Gloves

From wrist to tip, the pattern is 12 to 12.75-inches. The gloves have deep pockets and are long. The shape and size helps when catching fly balls while diving or running. Because of the shape, there is no need for outfielders to bend over when fielding a ball. These gloves are used differently from that of the outfielders. As with the other gloves, the shape is designed to make handling of the ball easier.

If you are looking for first baseman mitt sizes, pick the one that is most appropriate for your age. If you are playing in another position you cannot use these gloves. You must get the gloves for that specific spot. The price of these items varies, so you should check different stores. You may get discounts if you buy on the Internet.

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