How Big is a Snowboard Rack?

No matter how fun snowboarding is there will eventually come a time when you have to hang up your board until next winter. Some people store their boards in the garage or somewhere in the basement. However, others prefer to hang their boards on the wall to serve a decorative purpose. You basically need snowboard racks to store your board along with the rest of your gear.

Consolidating the available storage space will require people to figure out just how big a rack they need to store both board and gear. This is important in case you don’t have that much space in your apartment to store your equipment. Checking out catalogs or looking for racks online will give you a lot of choices but it will definitely incur some cost. This is one reason why people opt to make their own racks instead.

Types of Snowboard Racks

There are a lot of different racks available out in stores. There are wall mountable racks, standing racks, monkey bar racks, free standing racks, and many others out in stores today. These things can cost you to something lower than $20 to a whopping amount of almost $300 per rack. It all depends on the material, design, and the number of snowboards that certain type of rack can hold.

Dimensions and Sizes

The size and dimension of different snowboard racks will depend on its maximum allowable storage capacity. For example, a wall mountable rack can usually hold around four snowboards of standard size. The usual dimensions of such a rack will be something around 24″ x 16″ x 8.25″. Its weight will definitely depend on the material used to make it. A rack made of polyurethane will weigh about 15 pounds. The width of each slot will be around 260 mm.

In case you have a XL size boards, then several adjustments to the size and dimensions of the rack will have to be made. XL size wall mountable board racks will have dimensions around 34.25″ x 14.75″ x 48″. Of course, the slot width will be made a lot bigger to accommodate larger boards.

Standing racks will definitely be another story since they will have different dimensions. A typical standing rack will be able to hold around six boards though there are racks that can hold only one or a pair of snowboards. A rack that can hold around six snowboards will have dimensions measuring something like 78″ x 35″.

Other than the dimensions of these racks, you should also keep in mind the extra space that your boards will occupy. Snowboard racks can lengthen the life of your board and keep them tucked away for next winter.

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