Human Average Height

There are many factors to consider when determining the average human height in the world.Human Average Height There are many factors involved that affect the height of human beings. First off would be a matter of genes followed by a person’s gender. To get the human average height one must take all these considerations and calculate what may be the most probable average.

Defining and Measuring Human Height

Before we calculate the human average height we must determine a proper definition of what we are trying to measure. When we say human height we generally refer to a human’s measurement beginning from the foot to the head while standing erect. Getting this measurement is rather tricky since there is a time in a given day when the spine shrinks and a human would lose an inch in height.

Given this fact, it has been determined that the best time to measure the human average height would be during the forenoon. You will also notice that this is also the usual time when doctors would conduct physical examinations. The morning height is usually ignored since it is understood that one would be stretched out of your bed.

Determining Factors

There are two factors that have a direct effect on the human average height. The first one involves hereditary factors while the second is one’s environment. One inherits a particular human genome which dictates what one’s height will be. This is combined and further affected by external factors found in one’s environment. The combination of both the inborn factors and the external influences dictate the human height.

Another factor that comes into play regarding the measurement of an individual’s height is gender. It is observed that the male population is generally taller than the female population in any given country.

Calculating the Average Human Height

Given all these factors we need to break things down in order to obtain the average human height across different races and areas of the world. Along with that you should look into the average height of each area of the world starting going from country to country or region to region considering all the factors that affect the said measurement.

If you take all the human average height of each country and then add them up together and take their average, you will arrive at the rough idea or calculation as to the average height in the world. Asians would be somewhere about average while many who live in the western hemisphere would be understandably taller. If you go over all that and do the math you will arrive at 165 to 170 cm as the human average height. However, this would only represent the closest estimate you can ever come up with.

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