Asian Shoe Sizes

Have you ever found yourself walking into a shoe outlet and being confused as to what size to ask for from the sales assistant? It seems that their shoe sizes are not the ones you’re accustomed to.

You then end-up trying on a few pairs first just so you’ll get an inkling as to what size fits you – and then that’s the time you ask for your specific size.

You’re lucky if the sales assistant is more than willing to help you as you’ll have no problem finding your size conversion – but not all sales assistants are patient and helpful so therein lies the problem.

Asian Shoe Sizes

If what you know is your US shoe size and you find yourself walking into an oriental shoe store where the sizes are based on Asian standards of measurement, you may have trouble determining your equivalent size in Asian shoe sizes.

For the most part however, shoe stores provide their customers with a size chart or a conversion guide to help them find out what their equivalent size is in Asian measurement or other measuring systems, i.e. Europe or UK standard measurements.

Sometimes too, you can find shoes that include in their label the different size measurements of various countries; generally in four equivalent sizes: US, UK, EUR and JAP.

However, it still would be a good idea if you try to find out equivalent sizes among the different sizing systems commonly used today so you will have no trouble with purchasing a pair that fits you perfectly.

Shoe Size Equivalents

For your reference only, below are a few shoe sizes based on common sizing systems.

– Europe 35; Japan Men 21.5; Japan Women 21; UK Men 3; UK Women 2.5; US Men 3.5; US Women 5

– Europe 35.5; Japan Men 22; Japan Women 21.5; UK Men 3.5; UK Women 3; US Men 4; US Women 5.5

– Europe 36; Japan Men 22.5; Japan Women 22; UK Men 4; UK Women 3.5; US Men 4.5; US Women 6

– Europe 37; Japan Men 23; Japan Women 22.5; UK Men 4.5; UK Women 4; US Men 5; US Women 6.5

– Europe 37.5; Japan 23.5; Japan Women 23; UK Men 5; UK Women 4.5; US Men 5.5; US Women 7

From the given samples of shoe size conversions, you will find that European sizes do not have separate measurements for Men’s and Women’s sizes. This is because with their standard of measurement, sizes are not gender specific.

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