Baby Sweater Measurements

Baby sweaters need to be just the right size to provide the baby with the warmth that he or she needs during cold days. Sweaters that are too snug will be quite uncomfortable to wear which may result in the baby fidgeting and becoming restless.

On the other hand, a sweater that is too loose may allow the cold air to seep through which defeats the purpose of the sweater. It is therefore very important to know baby sweater measurements in order to select the right size for your baby.

Baby Sweater Measurements

Basically, baby sweater sizes are indicated in much the same way as their regular clothes are sizes. For instance, you will commonly find sweater sizes indicated as Infant, 6-12 Mos., 12-18 Mos., 18-24 Mos., 2T to 3T and 4T to 5T.

These are of course, general sizes based on the baby’s age in months and years. To better understand how the sizes are determined in inches; check the following sizes and their general measurements:

Infant – This size usually has measurements of ten inches for the width and twenty inches for the bust circumference.

6-12 Months – For this size, the width is approximately eleven inches, the bust circumference is twenty-two inches and the length is between twelve and thirteen inches.

12-18 Months – Baby sweaters in this size generally have twelve inches for the width, twenty-four inches for the bust circumference and are about thirteen inches in length.

18-24 Months – This size basically measures thirteen inches for the width, twenty-six inches for the bust and circumference and fourteen inches for the length.

2T to 3T – The width for this indicated sweater size is around fourteen inches, the bust circumference is about twenty-eight inches and the length is fourteen inches.

4T to 5T – Finally for this baby sweater size, the width is approximately fifteen inches, bust circumference is thirty inches and the length is fifteen inches.

Important Reminder

It is important to note that this is just a general sizing guide. To get the right sweater size for your baby, you can measure the bust circumference as well as the length from the neck to the hips, in both inches and centimeters as some sizing guides indicate their measurements in centimeters.

Once you have taken down your baby’s measurements, you can then compare your values to the measurements of the sweater sizes to give you an idea of what sweater size to get for your baby.

It is also important to check with the store or supplier their return policy should you need to exchange your purchase for a size up or size down in case what you got does not fit the baby well.

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