Baby Clothes Sizes by Weight

It’s a rather challenging task, buying baby clothes but it’s got to be done.

First of all, everything just looks so cute that you want to get them all – except that you may end-up maxing-out your credit card and accumulating so much stuff for the baby that they may not even use.

Second of all, getting the right size is pretty hard especially for those buying baby clothes for the first time. Lastly, you have to check that the fabric does not contain anything that the baby may be allergic to.

Baby Clothes Sizes

Baby clothes are often sized based on the baby’s age, height and weight. Usually, tags or labels on baby clothes indicate the length of the dress as well as the baby weight range that the dress is suitable for.

This bit of information can readily give you an idea whether a specific item of clothing is of a size that will fit your baby or not.

However, it’s a well-known fact that babies and children do not grow and develop uniformly so you may want to put more focus on baby clothes sizes by weight and height – and not so much on the baby’s age range.

Baby Clothes Sizes by Weight

Before you get started on your baby clothes shopping, it is highly advised that you first take a look at suggested baby clothes sizes by weight just so you will have an idea of what size to look for when you walk into a baby clothes shop.

You can find a size guide online and you can print this out so you’ll have a ready reference even if you’re not online. Below are some of the baby clothes sizes based on weight and height.

Newborn – maximum height of 21.5 inches; maximum weight of 8 pounds

3 Months – maximum height of 24 inches; maximum weight of 12.5 pounds

6 Months – maximum height of 26.5 inches; maximum weight of 16.5 pounds

9 Months – maximum height of 28.5 inches; maximum weight of 20.5 pounds

12 Months – maximum height of 30.5 inches; maximum weight of 24.5 pounds

18 Months – maximum height of 32.5 inches; maximum weight of 27.5 pounds

24 Months – maximum height of 34 inches; maximum weight of 30 pounds

There is also a size for babies born prematurely and this is labeled as Preemie or sometimes just P. The maximum height of the baby for this size is 17 inches while the maximum baby weight is five pounds.

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