Tank Sprayer Dimensions

A tank sprayer is usually used in the garden, for taking care of plants to reducing weeds. While their function is the same, their specs vary.

Tank Sprayer Dimensions: Gilmour 2000P Premium Traditional Sprayer

The Gilmour 2000P has a capacity of 2 ½ gallons while the operating capacity is 2 gallons. The mouth opening is 3 1/4 inches to make cleaning simpler. The PVC hose included is 52 inches. It is fitted with a pressure indicator and the pressure valve can be manual or automatic.

The hose is invulnerable to chemicals and has a comfort grip. The poly pump is 10 inches and not subject to corrosion. The pump cap can be replaced. The rotating brass wand is 18 inches and for heavy duty use. The device is useful for application of insecticides.

Tank Sprayer Dimensions: Gilmour XP20

The Gilmour XP20 2-Gallon sprayer has a capacity of 2 gallons. It comes with a locking pump equipped with a wand clip. The sprayer also has an on / off spray valve grip. This has a seal that can lock on.

The pump cup can be replaced if needed and there is an integrated anti-clogging filter. The cap has been so designed that the pressure is generated downward. The rotating brass wand is 18 inches and comes with a changeable brass nozzle. The opening is 6 inches. There is also a side handle to ease pouring. The hose is also resistant to chemicals.

Tank Sprayer Dimensions: Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak

The Hudson NeverPump Bak-Pak sprayer has a capacity of four gallons and weighs 20 lbs. The poly spray wand is 20 inches long. It also has a nozzle system with four types of nozzles. The battery can function for 10 hours on one charge. The battery takes nine hours to charge fully. The unit comes with the AC charger needed to power up the battery.

The large fill opening is designed to mitigate spills when putting in chemicals. The sprayer also uses Viton seals. The piston pump permits right or left hand pumping. The top seal fastens on the inside, so the seal tightens when there is more pressure.

Tank Sprayer Dimensions: GCepia 17003

The GCepia 17003 tank sprayer has a 48 oz tank. The unit is battery powered and can stream for 8 feet. The design and long neck makes it more appropriate for spraying plants. It is an auto sprayer with a no drip nozzle. This tank sprayer can also be used for spraying wooden floors prior to mopping. The unit is also suitable for washing windows.

Choosing a Tank Sprayer

If you’re spraying a large garden, the sprayer with multi gallon capacities will be necessary. If you only need one to spray a few plants, the smaller ones will be sufficient. You should also look at the fill openings; it needs to be large if you’re going to mix a lot of chemical treatments.
While the tank sprayer dimensions are vital, so are the seals and hose design. Don’t forget to check these aspects when looking for heavy duty tank sprayers.

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