Size of Baby Thermometers

What most parents dread when it comes to their babies is that they will somehow get sick. Fevers, cough and colds are the most common ailments of babies particularly during the cold season.

When fevers occur, it is important to monitor the baby’s temperature and this can be done with a baby thermometer. Digital thermometers are the recommended type of thermometer today because it has been found that mercury has toxic components.

The size of baby thermometers basically depends on which type of thermometer you are looking to get. The types are determined by the body part that they will be used on: rectum, ear or mouth.

Size of Baby Thermometers

No matter what type of thermometer you will be getting, the size of baby thermometers is such that they are very portable. While the sizes may differ, these are by no more than just a few inches.

Rectal Thermometer

The size of baby thermometers for this type is usually around 7 inches in length by 2.7 inches in width, with the tip that will be inserted into the rectum measuring about 2 inches long.

The rectal thermometer is actually the most highly recommended type of baby thermometer as pediatricians find that this gives the most accurate temperature reading.

Oral Thermometer

If you find it hard to use the rectal thermometer on your baby, your next best option is the oral thermometer. The size of baby thermometers for the oral type is somewhere around 7.4 inches in length by 1.6 inches in width with a tip of only about .2-inch long.

This is the most common way of taking the baby’s temperature.

Ear Thermometer

Some pediatricians actually do not recommend ear thermometers for the baby because there is a wide margin for error with the temperature reading. The tip of the thermometer needs to be properly aligned in the ear canal to get an accurate reading.

However, this should make for a good alternative if you don’t have any other digital thermometers around at the moment. A few manufacturers have also enhanced their ear thermometers in a way that you will get a reading as accurately as possible.

The size of baby thermometers intended for the baby’s ear is approximately 23.4 inches in length by 16.2 inches in width by 5.8 inches in height.

When buying your baby thermometer, check if there is a special feature that will tell you when the thermometer has completed taking the temperature. In most cases, the thermometer will make a beeping sound when it’s done.

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