Largest National Park

The world’s largest national park is Northeast Greenland National Park. Its total area is 375,000 sq mi (972,000 km2). The park is larger than 163 countries.


This is the only park at Greenland. This is also the most northerly park on the planet. Its dimensions are such that it makes up Greenland’s whole interior section. It also covers the whole northeastern coastline.


About 15,000 musk ox, walrus and polar bears are located close to the site’s coastal region. This is about 40% of the world’s musk ox population. The arctic hare, collared lemming, reindeer and stoat are also prevalent.

The arctic fox can also be found at the world’s largest national park. Wolves and reindeer left the park in the 1900s. However, they have been sighted on occasion.

Marine mammals abound. Among the most prevalent are the hooded seal, harp seal and bearded seal. The Beluga whale, narwhal and ringed seal are also in the area.

The site is home to myriad types of birds. The raven, ptarmigan, sanderling and snowy owl abound. Other birds you will see are the gyrfalcon, king eider, common eider and pink-footed goose. Many of the scientists go here to study the fauna.

Geographical Features

The site has a common border with the municipality of Sermersooq to the south. To the west is the municipality of Qaasuitsup. The park’s interior is comprised of the Greenland Ice Sheet. But some sectors are devoid of ice. The ice-free areas are along Peary Land and the coast.

Historical Background

The site was established on 22 May 1974. The area was expanded in 1988 to reach its current dimensions. The northeastern portion of Avannaa County was added. It was declared an international biosphere reserve on January 1977. Today, the site is supervised by the Greenland Department of Environment and Nature.


There is no fixed human population in the site. Most of the time, only 30 or so people are at the park. This does not include the dogs that often accompany these workers at the site. They are usually scattered around Daneborg (the Sirius patrol HQ), Danmarkshavn (a civilian weather station) and the Station Nord military outpost.

Mestersvig is another military base. Zackenberg is a research center. People only come there during the summer. The Summit Camp is another research center.

The population at the world’s largest national park goes up around summertime. Many of them go to the Zackenberg research base to work.

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