Biggest Commercial Plane

The biggest commercial plane in the world is the Airbus A380-800. The cabin has a floor space of 5,146 square feet (478.1 m2). This is almost 50% more than the Boeing 747-400 which has a floor space of 3,453 square feet (320.8 m2).

Airbus Seating Capacity and Design Range

The A380 can seat 525 people in the standard three class configuration. If the set up is all economy, the capacity will be 853. The design range is 15,200 km (8,200 nmi; 9,400 mi). This wil allow the airliner to fly all the way from Hong Kong to New York.

Technical Specifications

The maximum fuel capacity is 323,546 L (85,472 US gal). The A380 has a service ceiling capacity of 13,115 m (43,028 ft). The takeoff run with maximum takeoff weight is 569,000 kg (1,250,000 lb).

The top speed of the airliner is Mach 0.96. This is equivalent to 551 knots, 634 mph and 1020 km/h. This is at cruise altitude. The cargo volume of the Airbus maxes out at 176 m3 (6,200 cu ft. The top structural payload is 89,200 kg (197,000 lb).

The weight will depend on a variety of factors. The standard empty operating weight is 276,800 kg (610,000 lb). The maximum allowable landing weight is 391,000 kg (860,000 lb). The maximum zero fuel weight is 366,000 kg (810,000 lb). The maximum taxi/ramp weight of the biggest commercial plane is 571,000 kg (1,260,000 lb).


The wing sweep is 33.5 degrees. It has an aspect ratio of 7.5. The wing area is 845 m2 (9,100 sq ft). The cabin has a length of 49.9 m (164 ft) for the main deck and 44.93 m (147.4 ft) for the upper deck.

The cabin is 5.92 m (19.4 ft) wide. This is for the upper deck (floor level). The maximum width for the main deck is 6.58 m (21.6 ft). The outside fuselage height is 8.41 m (27.6 ft).

The A380-800F

Its specs are the same as the A380-800 except in a few aspects. It has an operating empty weight of 252,200 kg (556,000 lb). Its takeoff run is 2,900 m (9,500 ft). Its fuel capacity is 310,000 L (81,893 US gal), 323,546 L. The thrust is the same as the A380.

The competition in the industry is tight. Coupled with increased demand for bigger capacities, it may not be long before another airliner challenges the Airbus as the biggest commercial plane in the world.

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