Biggest African Cities

This guide to the biggest African cities shows the city population, not the urban area population. The figures given below are estimates only.

The Top Ten

The largest in terms of population is Lagos, Nigeria with a population of 8,029,200. The second largest is Cairo, Egypt with a population of 7,764,700. Kinshasa of the Congo Democratic Republic is at number three. Its population is 6,301,100. Alexandria,

Egypt is at number four with a population of 3,806,300. The fifth most populated is Casablanca, Morocco. Its population has been estimated to be 3,344,300.

The sixth largest is Abidjan, Ivory cost with 3,310,500. At number seven is Kano, Nigeria with 3,248,700. The eighth biggest is Ibadan, Nigeria with 3,078,400. Cape Town, South Africa is at number nine with 2,686,000. The tenth most populated is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with 2,638,500.

Biggest African Cities: Number 11 to 20

Giza, Egypt is number 11 with a population of 2,541,000. The 12th biggest city is Nairobi, Kenya with 2,510,800. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is the 13th largest city. Its population has been estimated to be 2,456,100.

At number 14 is Dakar, Senegal. Its population is 2,384,000. The 15th most populated is Durban in South Africa. It has an estimated population of 2,354,900.

At number 16 is Luanda, Angola with a population of 2,193,400. At number 17 is Tripoli, Libya with a population of 1,890,600. Harare, Zimbabwe is at number 18 with 1,864,400. The 19th largest African city is Algiers, Algeria with 1,696,000. The 20th most populated is Omdurman, Sudan. It has an estimated population of 1,670,000.

Number 21 to 31

Johannesburg, South Africa is at number 21. It has a population of 1,646,400. Accra, Ghana is the 22nd largest African city. It has an estimated population of 1,605,400. With an estimated population of 1,600,700, Rabat, Morocco is at number 23.

At number 24 is Conakry, Guinea with a population of 1,595,800. At 25th place is Kaduna, Nigeria. It has a population of 1,458,900. At number 26 is Khartoum, Sudan with an estimated population of 1,244,500.

At number 27 is Douala, Cameroon with a population of 1,239,100. The 28th most populated is Pretoria, South Africa with 1,228,200. The 29th largest is Soweto, South Africa with an estimated population of 1,221,100.

Number 30 in the list of the biggest African cities is Lusaka, Zambia. It has a population of 1,218,200. Mogadishu, Somalia is at number 31 with a population of 1,183,100.

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