Square Miles of China

The total square miles of China is 3,696,100. It is the third biggest nation in the planet. Russia is the largest followed by Canada. The Chinese population has been put at 1.2 billion. 1/5 of the planet’s population is Chinese.

Geographical Features

The country is notable for its very diverse geogrpahy. Some parts of it are covered by deserts, while others are fertile river basins. There are also extensive mountain ranges spread across the land.

The western portion of the country has the Pamir, Tian and Himalayan mountain ranges. The Himalayas are the tallest mountain ranges in the world. The western region is also noted for its deserts. Central China is also characterized by mountains.

The square miles of China give it plenty of rivers. These are used for irrigation and transportation. The wheat fields on the northern wheat fields are irrigated with these rivers. The southern rice fields are irrigated the same way.

The Great Wall of China

Its major attraction is the Great Wall of China. It was constructed around 2,500 years ago. Its purpose was to shield the empire from enemies. The troops would guard the tower and watch for potential enemies. The wall used to be over 6,000 miles long. Today it is just over 3,750 miles long.


China is the second largest economy in the world today. Numerous factories have appeared. Their products range from electronics, cars, clothes, textiles, toys and many more. However, there are still many rural areas in the country.

Many people still living in China are still farmers. Crops are also produced in China, notably rice and wheat. There is also extensive fishing by the coasts.

China also boasts of extensive natural resources. These include gold, tungsten, copper, zinc, lead and coal.

Historical Highlights

China has a long history going back thousands of years. For more than three thousand years, emperors ruled the country. During the 1200s, the Mongols took control of China. During the 1900s, the dynasties came to end. The Communists took over and established the People’s Republic of China.


The weather varies. Winters are extremely cold in the northern region. It can reach temperatures below 0 F. At the central area the temperature is 30 degrees in the winter. It can reach 80 degrees in the summer.

The square miles of China provide more varied weather across the land. The eastern portion is noted for hot wet summers. On the western side, temperatures can reach 100 degrees.

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