Painting Sizes

What are the painting sizes appropriate for a room? Painting SizesFramed art works like paintings lend rooms with a touch of sophistication and adds accent to bare walls. But they have to have the right painting dimensions. Here are some guiding principles on mounting the right painting sizes in rooms.

For Small Rooms

Small rooms like small clinics and offices need small picture or painting frames. These frames are often put over the main reception sofa if it leans against the wall. An average sofa size is about 85 inches or 7 feet long. It would be appropriate to use 3 frames with painting dimensions of 30 by 24 inches each in a row. Make the center frame directly placed on top of the center portion of the sofa.

For smaller rooms, mini frames with painting sizes of 10 by 15 inches each would good to be affixed on a wall. Arrange either in rows or in cluster. Also possible is an ascending diagonal line. The opposite side may be displayed with framed diplomas or professional certificates.

For Medium-Size Rooms

Placing a frame with painting dimensions of 36 by 30 inches would be appropriate for average size rooms. Most rooms like this measure 3 by 4 meters or 4 by 4 meters. The biggest frame possible here is about 32 by 44 inches. Bigger painting sizes may be out of place and unsightly. Other smaller frames may be placed on adjacent walls.

For Big Rooms

Big rooms measuring 4 or 5 by 5 meters and bigger need bigger frames. Painting sizes of 38 by 48, 40 by 50, 48 by 60, or 60 by 72 inches may be considered. A room can have one or three of these frames. Don’t overcrowd big frames in a single wall or room.

For Bedrooms

Bedrooms need not have paintings in excess of one or two frames. An ideal size is about 35 by 30 inches. The common spot where this is mounted is over the headboard. The mentioned frame dimensions fit well above a king-size bed. For twin beds, the frame may be placed between them.

For Dining and Kitchen Areas

A single huge frame measuring some 60 by 70 inches should be appropriate in a dining room of about 36 square meters in area. Kitchens may have small frames of 10 by 15 inches or smaller.

For Libraries

Libraries with 16 or 25 square-meter areas ideally have at least 3 to 4 frames with dimensions 30 by 35 inches each. This means each wall side should have one.

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