File Folder Sizes

Simply referred to as folder, a file folder is designed to hold loose papers, mainly for protection and organization. This is where people usually put documents. It is usually made out of a thin material, which must be stiff enough to protect the papers that are to be placed inside it. Once these folders are arranged systematically, they are stored inside a filing cabinet. In addition to these basic details, it is also interesting to find out about the different file folder sizes.

The Sizes of File Folders

A file folder is classified into two main types, namely the legal-size folder and the letter-size folder. In the first one, the standard height for the flap in front is 8.63 inches. The flap at the back has a height of 9.63 inches. It has a standard width of 14.75 inches. In the second type of file folder, the height of the front flap and the back flap are the same as the legal-size folder. However, it is narrower compared to it, the width of which is only 11.75 inches. Every dimension can be slightly smaller by .0625 inch.

Aside from the two main types, other folder sizes are also available. These include the 9.45-inch by 14.57-inch, the 9.06-inch by 13.39-inch and the 8.66-inch by 12.20-inch versions.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

People can easily buy different kinds of file folders at any of the nearest office supply store available. In the United States, the most popular filing company is Smead Manufacturing Co. In the United Kingdom, Railex is considered as the most famous.

For better file organization, it is very important to put a label on every folder. For this, people can use pencil or pen to write labels on the tabs. Furthermore, the use of adhesive labels is preferred by many businesses because they look nicer. In technologically advanced companies, the use of electronic labels is the top choice amongst the various options available.

The two most common materials used to create folders are paper and plastic. Many individuals find plastic folders better because they are waterproof, which can prevent small amounts of liquid from ruining the documents inside. When the folder is made from paper, the best materials for the job are manila paper and kraft paper, both of which are known for their long cellulose fibers.

Tabs can also be added to folders. Some of the various styles used for making tabs are the ½-cut, the 2/5-cut and the 1/5-cut. Aside from these, it is also possible to use the 1/3-cut as well as the straight cut. Additionally, it is also very important to pay close attention to the positions of the tabs.

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