How Small is a Hand Blender?

The hand blender is one wonder tool that every kind of kitchen must have. It is versatile, compact, and useful. It can make a difference in many tasty dishes for the family.

How Small is a Hand Blender?

There are many advantages of having a hand blender around the kitchen. This small wonder is truly a delightful treat to the cook who can accomplish a slew of tasks with just a single tool.

How small is a hand blender? Well, its compact size averages about 17 inches in length. The stick design and mechanism allow for a deep reach down the bowl plus a convenient way for storage.

How Useful is a Hand Blender?

There are many uses for the hand blender. For one, it is ideal for blending soups straight while it is being cooked on the pot. With the hand blender, you will not need to transfer the boiling liquid from the pot to the blender and back. You can do the task in a manner as easy as counting 1-2-3.

For another, a hand blender comes with a variety of attachments that can accomplish many different tasks around the kitchen like blending smoothies, making baby food, and pureeing ingredients among others. The attachments include the food processor, the spice grinder, the whisker, and the chopper. Some hand blenders even come with a small brush that can wash and clean up baby bottles.

With or Without the Cord?

If you are aiming for utmost convenience, the cordless, rechargeable hand blender design is more appropriate. You can bring it anywhere without having to worry about the cord not measuring up to the length of distance between the outlet and the pot.

But there’s no problem about having a hand blender with a cord. That is, if your kitchen is equipped with outlets where you can plug your tool and still be accessible enough to reach where the pot is.

How to Take Care of the Hand Blender?

The hand blender is truly an amazing tool. It is not only useful and compact but also easy to clean. As opposed to the jug blender — where you will have to take apart each and every part, which account to many – an immersion blender has only a few attachments that are easy to detach and clean. You can place them all on the dishwasher and they are ready to go again for another round of cooking tasks. Taking care of this tool so it becomes available for more recipes is truly simple.

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